Standard Operating Procedure Examples (SOP Examples): Pharmaceutical Sector

Multiple large Pharameutical companies have utilized our software along with its associated Standard Operating Procedure Examples (SOP Examples) and Templates. It has been critical for these large organizations to store SOP related material in one location, and from this single-source, to be able to generate and regenerate, instantly, SOP and SOP job aids and training materials such as references, checklists, web-based training, and powerpoint slides.

By standardizing their SOP process and training materials these organizations were able to reduce costs significantly, reduce risk, and save time. The software allowed them to structure their standard operating procedures within the SOP templates and Standard Operating Procedure Examples (SOP Examples) that came with the system, and to be able to adapt them to their specific needs. Organizations are able to recover the cost of the software in a short amount of time.

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End-to-End SOP Software System Components:

SOP Examples Pharmaceutical
Excerpt from White Paper:
The well-trained workforce with ready access to production knowledge is an invaluable asset rarely recognized on the balance sheet. Production costs are reduced because there is greater efficiency and less rework. This saves time and money and frees resources to be applied to other parts of the organization.

Quote from Industry Leader:
Single-sourcing is a trend that is coming toward training developers in full force, as they seek to deploy learning content in multiple formats such as printed lesson plans, student guides, online learning, synchronized PowerPoint slides, job aides and learning content on mobile devices ... ExpressTrain provides a unique and affordable solution to single sourcing.

- Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist, Chapman Alliance

Using our SOP software system and its Standard Operating Procedure Examples (SOP Examples), track your training and provide reports with our TrainTracks module.

Alternatively, we generate web-based training that can be delivererd via any SCORM-conformant Learning Managagment System (LMS) including Plateau, Comartis, MELS, SumTotal, Saba, and Meridian.

Our system interfaces with Document Management systems such as Documentum, MasterControl, and Sword Achiever.

Our system interfaces with Testing and Assessment systems like Comartis and Questionmark.

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